Nesting pouch

You know when you have that urge to create that just isn’t going to be denied? Well that was me on Sunday morning, I needed to make something and I needed to do it now. No planning or preparation just instant gratification.

A nesting pouch seemed a good idea even though it’s not the right time to put one up I knew it would look good whilst the plants against the garage grow. I remembered some Shetland pre-felt lurking at the back of the cupboard  and set about cutting rough rectangles.


Very rough rectangles and as the felt was quite fine I cut a second smaller piece for each side. I then needle felted it together at the bottom and up the sides forming an open ended pouch.


I cut a small hole for an entrance and reinforced it with another layer of pre-felt before wet felting the bottom and sides firmly together. I find for larger items that this is quicker at firming the felt than needling it.


After wet felting I reinforced the entrance hole with even more pre-felt then put the sponge inside and needled the top firmly closed. I removed the sponge and then finished the wet felting.


If I’d bothered to plan and measure I’d have made it smaller than it is and it does somewhat resemble a papoose but hey ho it satisfied that creative need and if a bird wants to use it I don’t suppose it’ll mind the shape.


I quite like it peeping from within the Viburnum. Do you rmember the spider pod I made earlier in the year?


Looks good doesn’t it?


My daughter still thinks it’s weird.

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