It’s true, I don’t like having my photo taken. Whenever I see a photo of  myself I appear to have slittyy eyes, fat cheeks and shiny skin – urgh. So you can imagine I was thrilled to be approached to have my photo taken for an arrt project. Margaret Southerington has been studying HNC Photography at Bradford College and had decided to take photos of craftspeople at work in an attempt to capture the look of concentration and calmness they have when working.


The exhibition was called 8X8 and featured 8 photos from each of 8 photographers. The craftspeople Margaret chose were a card maker, artist, textile artist, stone waller, soap maker, wood turner, farrier and myself. What made the process bearable was that I wouldn’t have to look at the photographer, Margaret would be photographing me at work.


Margaret has received a distinction for her work, didn’t she do well. You may be asking why I agreed when I dislike having my photo taken. Simple, my daughter is studying GCSE Photography and has spent some hours attempting to obtain work experience so I know how hard it can be for students and thought I should help if I could.  I have to say that taking a photo of a photo of myself was weird.

Attending the preview was fun with drinks and nibbles on offer plus a great cake.



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  1. The only downside of the cake was not getting to eat it! I’m always so impressed by people who can do shaped cakes they’re too stressful for me.

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