I was really looking forward to the nuno vase workshop this week. It was fully booked with 4 people due to turn up then one had to drop out meaning there’d be only 3. Never mind, I readvertised it and within a couple of hours was back up to 4 again. Then the night before I had an email to say that migraine (hideous things that they are) would be keeping one person away so we were back to 3.

On the morning of the class someone else had car trouble so now we were only 2. At ten past ten I thought it was going to be just me and Fran but, after a rather slow and painful journey, Ruth joined us. It was at this point that I realised my trip to the supermarket to buy milk had been entirely wasted as it was the one thing I’d returned without!  Thank goodness for a very obliging husband who procured the necessary for us.

We were experimenting with fabrics felted into wool but in 3D form. The first pot/vase below is from Fran and was formed around a jam jar.


I love using jam jars, bottles or old vases to form the shape as it means I have the opportunity when it’s finished to actually use the vase for flowers. Fran’s colour choice was absolutely lovely and I especially wanted to show you this side of the pot where you can see how the red ribbon has formed a zig zag during felting.  The bright pink dashes are from a white crystal organza fabric that had various coloured dashes on it. As the white fabric is against white wool it’s mainly the pink dashes that stand out. There were quite a few pieces of organza on this pot some of which overkapped and meant it shone beautifully in the sun.


Here’s the other side of the pot. You can see the white fabric quite clearly against the red wool but the ribbon blends in far more this time.


This richly coloured pot is by Ruth, her first ever 3D piece by the way. There are variegated rovings, nepps and parts of an old scarf. When felting it’s not unusual for something to not go, or turn out as you expected. This time it was the fabric used, one thread in the scarf lost colour during felting which meant lots of dirty looking water about and slightly stained hands for Ruth. Fortuntaley it hasn’t  affected the final glorious vase.


Whilst we were at it we thought we might as well use a bit of decoration on the inside too. Ruth used more scarf and roving  and Fran choose to experiment with cotton muslin on the inside of hers. This extremely cheerful pot below has been free formed by Fran who, I believe, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Multi coloured roving and parts of a different old scarf. The yellow wool really makes the other colours sing. One of the learning experiences for the day was how different fabrics give different textures and how different coloured wools affect the colour of the fabric during felting. Ruth brought an old vase to re-cover for her second piece and we painstakingly made a resist and Ruth blended up some pretty greens with the carders. Due to the falability of the tutor, yours truly, an error was made with the resist and the experiment didn’t work. Ruth was very generous spirited about it and we had a good laugh but not before I’d had a slight sense of humour failure. Thank you Ruth and Fran for making me laugh at ‘Rabbit ears’.




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