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I can’t believe it’s so long since I last posted – sorry. Life just seems to have swept my feet out from under me recently as it’s been really busy down the mill plus there’s been so much else going on too. It was Fibre East in Bedfordshire last weekend and it was on a new site. The stall holders were spread out across various classrooms, halls and marquees, I reckon any visitor who managed to see every stall deserved a badge! It was meltingly  hot in the sports hall where we were sited so obviously I had to go for a wander. Bad idea – it meant I spent the most money at any show this year. I thought you might like to see my spoils.


I have no use for a victorian bobbin and shuttle but I love old wooden tools There are tools in my garden shed that I keep for their beauty, stroking them each time I enter and then ignoring them for a lighter more modern version. The yarn is going into cushion covers for a friend and the buttons I just couldn’t resist. I did walk away but they kept calling to me until I  had to give in and bring them home with me.

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  1. Beautiful acquisitions! I would have done just the same with the wool and the buttons 🙂 I already have a houseful of vintage weaving paraphernalia and no room for any more x

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