Lacewing is the name my daughter has given this new scarf. It”s one of a number of pieces of silk chiffon which I dyed and is actually quite a bright yellow unlike some of the photos but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you. It’s been days since the weather was calm enough to allow me to snap a few pics. I’ll begin with the laying out of hand carded Merino in a mix of browns with a very small amount of green added.


I wanted flowing lines and an all over pattern. It took quite a long time to lay out , take a look at it hung on the line drying.


I like scarves to be reversible so there’s a partial pattern on the reverse side.


The ends I cut into points with five points on one end and seven on the other. I like not having them matching, it adds more interest.


It’s quite long and is wrapped twice round the neck of the mannequin.


I’m very very pleased with this and love the beading which I’ve sewn both sides on each end.


As soon as I have time, I have plans to make at least one more in a different colourway and will list this in my shop shortly.

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  1. Angela – it’s absolutely beautiful – I love the pointy ends -very brave – I could see mine ending up in a big felted knot if I tried that! Will come and say hello at Yarndale. SueX

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