Poppy Bag 2

I shared with you previously one of my samples for tomorrows workshop and thought you may like to see more. When we think of poppies we usually think of bright red ones but as the following photos show you can work in other colours too.



These were put together very quickly and I do think they can be improved upon but they also show that other colours can be successful. This is the bag we’ll be focussing on tomorrow. This first photo shows it during the laying out process.


It’s important to use different size flowers to give perspective to your work. The larger flowers near the front are also the ones which will be given the most detail. I love the way this bag has worked out from the actual flowers, to the happy find of a perfectly sized red button in my stash to the design of the handle.


IMG_5998 - Copy

I find the back as interesting as the front and the handle gives me great pleasure. It opens up many possibilities not to have the handle felted in.


IMG_5999 - Copy


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  1. Hi Angela – that’s just lovely. How have you attached the handle? Is it stitched on and are the French knots just decorative or are they holding the handle on? I love the shape of it and the decoration is glorious. Sue

  2. Thanks Sue. The french knots are holding it on but I’ve done some invisible stitching too for extra strength

  3. Will you be bringing it to Yarndale this weekend to show people?
    It looks a stunned!
    Is it a keeper or seller?
    See you soon _ regards Lesley

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