Poppy bag workshop

Just for a change, the delay in showing you these photos hasn’t been down to me. My Daughter took the card from the camera for a school project, took it to school and left it there! All’s well that ends well though and I thought I’d begin by showing you the bags during the laying out process.




Each bag has an internal pocket and a separate handle. After laying out the base layers of green we carded greens to give extra interest to the background and then laid out areas to create dark and light. After that it was onto the laying out of the poppies using different sizes to give perspective to the work. The larger poppies then had extra detailing added and I think you’ll agree that the finished bags are stunners.


These are the backs of the bags and from left to right were created by; Jane, Sue and Susan.


I’ve never taught a bag class like this before. Usually, everyone has made a bag but with completely individual colours and patterns. There was still opportunity for people to choose their own poppy layout and addition of other colours for highlighting but otherwise, it was as instructed. It’s worked out very well and I think I may repeat this in the spring. Anne didn’t make it on the day due to a family accident but she was in our thoughts and I hope everything is now well.

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  1. My friend and I came to Yarndale and saw your gorgeous bags. Please let us know when you are holding the next workshops as we would love to come

    Many thanks

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