Patchwork and applique cushion 2

I promised to show another cushion but what I’m actually showing is one side of a cushion. The other side is in natural colours and I should have photos for you tomorrow. Meanwhile …. I began by randomly cutting up and stitching together various pieces of Merino pre-felt (part made felt) in crazy patchwork style.

It’s definitely a style where the more you put on the better it gets. I’ve not only chosen to show my stitching but also to use contrasting colours of wool yarn to stitch with to add to the general craziness.


The photo above shows it stitched and ready for final felting. I’ve cut out motifs and circles from past projects and appliqued them to the cushion. You don’t want to pull the stitching so tight you make the felt form ridges but it needs to be tight enough to stop the pieces separating during felting. Some pre-felts have patterns, carded wool or plain colours and at least one has Ramie fibre added.


I made it larger than needed so I could cut a neat edge if I wanted to but in the end, I decided that the cushion should have an irregular edge and have blanket stitched around in a contrasting pink yarn. I’ve not added any other embellishments but you could easily add buttons, sequins, stitching and items like fringing at this stage.


It’s quite fun, durable and a great way to use up those scraps and to practice your stitching.

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