Patchwork and applique cushion 3

Today’s ta-dah is the crazy patchwork done in naturals. I’ve used; white Cheviot, Manx Loaghtan, Black Welshย  Mountain and grey Jacob (all available from Adelaide Walker). For someone who likes colour I’ve surprised myself with how much I love this cushion cover. Yes, it’s love, love, love.

Random shapes and sizes of pre-felt again stitched with a very plain stitch in a soft grey wool yarn. At one end of each stitch I’ve added a french knot which has really brought the stitching to life. It’s added greatly to the decoration and is a bit like adding a wool bead, it gives texture. I’ve also cut small discs of pre-felt and appliqued them to the patches.


The photo above shows it ready for final felting. I left the edges irregular as I thought I might cut it down later but again, I’ve left it irregular as it really seems to suit crazy patchwork.


Here it is after felting. On this occasion I’ve added stitching using embroidery thread in caramel, dark brown and chestnut. None of them are difficult stitches, you don’t need to be an accomplished embroiderer to achieve some pleasing results. The edge is blanket stitched in a brown wool yarn. It didn’t look finished untilIi added the blanket stitch. With so much going on elsewhere the edges looked too plain.


Still no buttons, beads or fringing added but there’s no reason not to, except for the time it takes.ย  I’d love to make more of these but not sure when I’ll find the time at the moment. There’s something about adding stitch to my felt work that seems to slow the process down a little and yet the pleasure it gives is immense.


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  1. Love both your patchwork cushions Angela, fabulous ideas.
    Know how much work each piece must take – but the results are fantastic!
    Ali x

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