We’ve visited Durham many times and Hubby went to university there so he never needs much of an excuse to revisit. By chance, I’d seen some information on Facebook about Durham Lumiere and we decided to call in as we’d be passing.We watched a very pretty sunset as we drove south and I’m so glad we went to the festival it was brilliant.

Traffic was absolutely mad but a bit of local knowledge helped us find a spot. The centre of the city was by ticket admission only until 7.30pm but there was plenty to see until then. All along the river was lit up and it was a lovely evening for a riverside walk.


Unusually the Cathedral wasn’t lit but there’s a reason for that as you’ll see. the castle looked lovely and then we stumbled upon our first light installation. You could request music and then it was boomed out along with a fantastic light display onto a building across the river.


We loved the idea of turning four cars into mobile greenhouses for the vent. each car was filled with flora or fauna and parked on a side road. It was quite tricky to get good photos but here’s two of them.



As we crossed over the river into the central city we passed below this purpose built arch showing a hollographic elephant. It moved, the beat of it’s feet and trumpet of it’s call blasted our ears and it was a real delight. As you passed to the other side you could see it from the back end!


The next exhibit was a real crush as all 2000  of us (well it was a lot of bodies) , tried to view this ex phone box which was transformed into a fish tank. Very realistic.


We snaked slowly along with the crowd climbing higher until we entered the grounds of the Cathedral to be met by this sight.


The most amazing display onto the walls of the Cathedral accompnied by music. You could stand here and watch for as long as you desired unlike the route up where we had to keep moving.


Isn’t it incredible.It’s taken from the Lindisfarne Gospels.


The interior of the Cathedral was in darkness apart from illumination from candles and the light show happening inside. It was constantly moving and when we tried to phoyographt it, it actually spoiled the effect so sorry folks but no pictures of that. It struck me how friendly the space felt in darkness and then the next moment we were moving into the cloisters for what was probably my favourite installation.



 I adored these dresses and the atmosphere created in the cloisters. They changed from white to pink to red, to purple to blue – wonderful. Here’s my favourite shot.


There’s so much I haven’t shown you but take it from me it’s a wonderful event and if it returns so will we.


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