Northumberland and Durham

Our Daughter was away for the weekend and we promised ourselves a proper day off on Saturday, no working and no talking about work. So at a wonderfully early 7am (can never oust our teenager at this time of the day) we set off for Northumberland n the dark and watched a very pretty sunrise as we drove north to Morpeth. It’s such a lovely town, lots of nice cafes, plenty of independent shops and a rather good bacon and tomato butty for breakfast.

I don’t know about you but I wish Christmas didn’t start until December, it seems to get earlier every year and the occasion is the poorer for it. However, I thought the windows at Rutherfords  were worth a picture.


Moving swiftly on, these wonderful seasonal wreaths also caught my eye and I’m sure will be a source of inspiration for my wreath workshop next month.


What I really wanted though was to be by the sea so we moved on to Amble for a walk on the sands. It was a good day for beach treasures, I collected lots of glass, much of it bright green and lots of small pieces of driftwood and some broken pottery. I know I haven’t used up all the other bits I’ve collected but I just can’t resist. Oh, and did I mention the rather large rusty piece of old fencing? Well, if it ever stops raining long enough I’ll plant it in the garden and take a photo. After chips on the harbour wall we moved onto Alnmouth.

It’s a lovely beach at Alnmouth and we had a very bracing walk. We may have been windburnt at the end of it but it was so good to be walking by the sea in sunshine. I think we must have missed the by-law though which said everyone on the beach had to have a dog, we were the only dogless people there!  Cream tea was eaten at Rothbury, a favourite spot of ours and then it was time to hit the road, but I’ve so much to show you that Durham will have to be in another post.



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