Textured pictures

Another really lovely workshop with lots of chatter and some wonderful work from the participants. We were exploring how to add texture to pictures.



Anne put a rope of felt between layers that created the strong raised heart outline. Texture on top from a further felt rope, dyed Teeswater fleece, nepps and fabric.


Sue also tried out a felt rope between layers to create this lovely tree silhouette.



Jane’s moonlight picture worked well. A little noil under the fabric of the moon raised it up and the second fabric piece on the sea crinkled in a way that suggests waves.


Another way to create texture is to cut sections away to give different depth and in this case to reveal a second colour.


Sue’s picture has gentle texture through additions of wool nepps, dyed BFL fleece and short pieces of yarn.


It was inspired by a magazine photo and is a lovely interpretation.


Jane did exceptionally well creating this high relief picture of a lilly.


Ttexture was created on the background by the addition of crystal organza.


Nicky’s piece was inspired by a holiday photograph.


The lighthouse was created with a piece of pre-felt, some beige fabric, black wool and a piece of black netting.


Lots of texture in the foreground with rock shapes between layers of wool, fabric, yarn, nepps and parts of an old scarf on the top. It works very well

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