Sample wreaths

I don’t think I’ve shown you the wreaths which I used at my recent workshop, I’m sure you’ll be able to see how they influenced people. This is the first wreath I ever made but it’s far from being my favurite mainly because I used a full ring and I think it works better on a half or flat ring. The white poinsettia are pretty though and for that reason I keep it.


I love this next wreath made on a doughnut of cardboard. Each of the leaves was created by making felt, cutting out circles folding them up, stitching them and then glueing them on. Love it and the berries, I don’t know where it’s going to go but I need to find space for it in the house somewhere, at least over winter.



This next was created from a cheap wreath bought in a cheap shop (you know the kind). It had horrible plastic leaves and nasty gold coloured items on it but I ripped those off and reused it to create this lovely little item below. The bird is needlefelted and I made the cord from wool yarn and a metallic thread. The contrast of the wire and beads really make it for me. Must find a space for it.



Opinions are split in the house on the next one. I love the cold blue ribbon but Hubby thinks it should have been red. Me, I like the contrast. After wrapping the half polysytrene ring with carded wool I wrapped red mohair yarn around it then felted it on. The rose and ribbon are attached with pins as I like the shiny heads. The spirals (wired and bent round a pencil) and ribbon for hanging have been glued on. IMG_6813

IMG_6819 I’m feeling the need to find a space for this one too. At least when I put them away I won’t need stacks of room as these are all small samples. I have made a larger wreath but as that isn’t Christmas, or even winter, themed I thought I’d save it and show it in the new year.

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