Commission scarf

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a couple of commissions this Christmas. The first is for a purple nuno scarf on a hand dyed muslin background. I gathered my materials – muslin, blue purple and bright purple Merino.


Carded fibres add so much interest that I began by making a small pile of them. I felt the purple need a little extra depth so I also added dark brown Merino the the mix.


Then began the laying out process.


Where I soon had help


The help was gently persuaded to leave and I continued.


The help had to then be persuaded, a little less gently this time, to remove itself from my fibre pile.


Whereupon I finished laying out side one and flipped it over to start side two.


Once laying out was completed I rubbed the scarf with my new felting tools – palm washboards. I find these work really well with nuno projects, are comfortable to use and keep my hands out of the water for longer.


In the photos it seems to have changed from pink purple to blue purple but it’s just a trick of the light.



I love the texture you get when making nuno using cotton muslin.





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