Paper garlands

I love making paper garlands for Christmas but don’t always have the time. This year I’ve had less time than ever so have cut down on other trimmings and the greenery but was inspired to make a different paper garland. My paper strips were a bargain, £1 for a pack of 120.


This is hanging vertically on the wall and although different I’m not in love with it.


The papers are lovely, 4 different designs in red and white.


Isn’t it gorgeous? Last night I just smiled all night long looking at it and each time I’ve entered the room today it’s made me smile. Ridiculous really to be so  pleased by a few  pieces of paper.

2 Replies to “Paper garlands”

  1. Beautiful Angela – great idea – simple and effective!
    Love it when that happens, those happy moments everytime you see something!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas.
    Ali x

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