Miniature landscapes

Whilst on holiday I had a go at meedle felting miniature landscapes. Working small and portraying landscapes is not my usual kind of work so it was more for the challenge and portability than anything else that I attempted it. This first is okay but for some reason I’m not greatly taken with. I think the the bands are a little too solid.


The next was a study attempting to portray the landscape in terms of colour with little shaping. Quite liking this.


I enjoyed making the one below with the sheep being a later addition. Lovely colours.


The next isn’t showing quite as well in the photo as I’d hoped. i think the hills are the best part of it.


This final one is very pale and yet it has become my favourite mainly because of the colours.


I did better than I expected and it was more fun then I anticipated but I don’t ever see it becoming the focus of my work but who knows, I may dabble from time to time.

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  1. What fun to try a new direction Angela – even if you decide its not for you…
    I often think I’ll love making a particular project, and before I start will want to make lots – then when I get going, realise its not quite me! Part of the process I suppose!
    Love the last two mini-scapes – the colours in the heathery one remind me of North Eastern holiday views and the hilly one has a Lake Distrtrict feel.
    I gaze out of the window on holiday and think it would make a great textile piece…perhaps I should take a portable kit next time and have a stab!
    Ali x

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