I make no excuses, there’s lots of photos on this post as I really want to show you all the different components of this wreath. I made several seasonal wreaths for my Christmas wreath workshop and felt I should also make one which could be used year round.


It looks lovely on our front door and you can see that I created it with this position in mind, even using blue greens on the wreath.


I’ve used a polystyrene ring and covered it with a blend of carded Merino in various greens (Light Olive, Light Grass, Spearmint, Sea Green and a tiny amount of Dark Leaf). I then wrapped the boucle yarn round before wet felting it all to the ring.


The key is to keep your wool tight when wrapping so it doesn’t shift and expose the polystyrene and also so it takes less time to felt down. It’s worth making the ring look good as it can be seen from the side unless you make a very full ring.

IMG_6892 - Copy

I wet felted the lillies and stamens before attaching them with hot glue to the wreath. It’s a blend of Watermelon, Pale Pink and Natural from Adelaide Walker. On the tip of the stamens I’ve used Old Gold.


Couldn’t resist showing them a second time 🙂  The spiky leaves are the leftover from when I cut out other leaf shapes. After pulling them around and stretching to points I stitched the bits together before glueing them on.


Fo the leaves I began by making a sheet of felt in various greens, using up any scraps I had. This allowed me to play with different shapes. The lily type leaf above was cut from the felt and then the detail added by needle felting. If you make your sheet of felt with different shades on each side it gives you twice the green options for the same amount of work.


The hydrangea flowers were also cut from a sheet of felt made from Pale Pink and Pale Purple Merino. They’re attached to the wreath by the metallic head pins which are are shiny and add an extra dimension to the flower. A local man made the wooden button from a tree branch and it’s great to be able to see the rings.  The leaves are triangles cut from the felt sheet, the short end pinched together and held with a stitch before they were glued on. Simple but very effective.


These flowers were actually on a previous project which I was never happy with so I cut them off. It’s a combination of Wensleydale and dyed English wool with sead beads as embellishments.


Having different textures and shapes is important. The leaves here are the remainder of the project I didn’t like. After cutting them out with pinking shears I added the veins through needle felting.


Vintage buttons from what was my Grandma’s button stash but which now belongs to me. They’re attached with the metallic headed pins again. Driftwood collected on my holiday is fastened together with silver coloured jewellery wire and the whole thing stuck on with hot glue.


So pleased with this. there’s a birthday in the house this week so I think it should be on the door now in celebration.

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  1. OOh How beautiful Angela!
    All your hard work has made an amazing accessory for any space all year round!
    Ali x

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