What a weekend

I was teaching on Friday, book covers. Lovely work was produced and I’ll put some pictures up when I get a little more time. After the workshop we went rushing off to the Kings Hall for a showing of Philomena, a very good film, go see it if you can. It was part of the inaugural Ilkley Film Festival. There was a veritable sea of grey hair in the audience making us some of the younger ones there, a fact my huband was inordinately pleased about. When we go to the cinema with our daughter we often seem to be one of the oldest there. I’ve never been a massive fan of Steve Coogan but I felt he played it jut right. It’s a moving, at times sad film but it also has humour.

We finished the night with a glass of wine in front of the fire and the TV only to be rudely awakened by a phone call, near midnight, from the hospital to say come now. My Mum who’d been admitted in the early hours of Thursday morning had taken a turn for the worse. Driving down the M1 in the dark and the heavy rain through road works and delays aplenty I had to quash the urge to speed andt so make sure I arrived and in one piece.

I arrived at 1am to find 3 members of the family already there, by 2.30am 2 more had arrived and by 3am another 4 had made their way there. Being such a crowd, we took shifts at the bedside and the early shift went home to bed. Mum started to revive at about 3am and wasn’t at all concerned to see all these faces watching her, on the contrary, she relished the attention. Just after 4am she was sufficiently improved for us to consider going home. Driving back was little better than driving there and arriving frozen to the bone at 5.30am it was no surprise to me to discover I was too cold and tired to sleep. I know that sounds daft but I do actually get to the point where I’m too tired to sleep and have to wait to be overwhelmed by fatigue the next night.

Saturday afternoon was different. This time I went with my daughter to see ‘We are the best’, another offering from the film festival. What can I say, it raised a few giggles but overall I thought it a bit odd and my daughter didn’t seem to think otherwise. I’m glad we supported the festival, the nearest cinema is a 17 mile round trip and is a small independent with only one screen, so roll on next year.

I repeated my journey up and down the M1 on Sunday and am happy to report that Mum continues to improve and that I’m catching up on sleep although I’m still sleeping with the phone by my bed. Here’s hoping for an uneventful week ahead.

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  1. Hi Angela
    All the best to you and your family and especially your mum. Don’t know what to say to help especially but I send lots of hugs. SueXXXX

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