Book workshop

Firstly, a big thank you for all your good wishes about my Mum, I’m pleased to report that she is out of hospital and recovering well.

It’s a couple of weeks ago since the book cover workshop but I wanted to share these photos with you. First up is Hannahs book.


Lots of stitch and cyrstal organza on the front giving texture.


I particularly like the adition of some Lime Merino into the background creating spots of light.


I struggled to get a good photos of Bev’s red book cover but it’s full of lovely textures created by adding, ribbon, organza, lace and an old scarf.


The texture really is beautiful.


Sue was after a textured tartan effect.


The texture in this shot is created by the addition of organza. As it’s a synthetic fabric you get larger textures than if it had been a silk organza.


It’s a shame that the red thread doesn’t show up very well in the photos as it was very effective.


Heather positioned this piece of an old scarf very carefully so that it would appear on the spine of the book. It’s more texture and really finishes the cover off beautifully.

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