Playing with dye

At Adelaide Walker we sell a blend of Jacob/bamboo which is lovely to felt with. For ages now I’ve been wondering what it would look like if I dyed it with fibre reactive dye. My expectation was that the bamboo fibre would be dyed but the wool would not. Experimentation time!


This is the Jacob/Bamboo before I began. Lovely isn’t it?


This is the fibre afterwards and it looks waaay better than I’d hoped. The brown of the Jcaob wool makes the pink of the Bamboo look even deeper and richer. Whilst I was at it I also dropped in some cotton muslin, tussah silk and corn fibres. The corn fibre is over on the left and you can see that it took very little colour at all.


I’ve spun a little up just to see what it would look like after a hot wash,I was worried that a lot more colour would come out but it hasn’t and it’s so gorgeous I’m in love. I wish I’d dyed up more of it.

Added – I should have said how I dyed this – I soaked the jacob/bamboo fibres in cold water with a tiny drop of soapfor an hour. Then I added the fibre reactive dye and left overnight. The cotton and silk I wet under the tap (no soaking because it was too late by then) and added to the dye bath. I added salt to fix the dye and rinsed the silk and cotton in hot water after dyeing to remove any excess. I rinsed the jacob/bamboo in tepid not hot water because I didn’t want it to felt. After I’d spun it into yarn I did wash with hot soapy water to remove any excess dye.

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  1. Oooh that’s very pretty.
    Did you soak the Jacobs/silk mix in vinegar first and use heat?
    And did you do the vegetable fibres using a cold process with soda ash?

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