Poppy handbag workshop

It’s a shame that the bags don’t look their best whilst still wet because people worked very hard on Saturday and produced some lovely work. It’s also a shame that I made a mistake in the pocket instructions and everyone had to start over! Sorry everyone.


This isn’t all the bags but you can see how stunning they look on mass.


Sue chose to do a clutch bag with a 3D poppy and it worked out very well. There’s a bumble bee on the back of the bag and I’m kicking myself as I forgot to photograph it.


This large poppy on the front of lesley’s bag is very striking and a real feature.


Gill produced a bag with a double flap. The interior is plain so provides a great contrast to the front.


The back is a picture on it’s own. Gill likes to have her creations on show and is considering filling it with lavender and hanging it in the bedroom, which I think is a great idea.


Couldn’t resist this final picture of a front and a back, they’re stunning.  Sadly I’m unable to identify whose work it is but it’s very good. Roll on the picture workshop next month, there’s spaces if you fancy having a go.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you to whoever washed the pots for me, all help is always gratefully received.

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