I had two cameras to hand on Thursday, the first one was throwing an error which I couldn’t sort and my lovely daughter had stolen the SD card from the other so I had to make do with my mobil. Ssorry about the quality folks. The first four are all Blue Faced Leicester wool. This lovely shape is from Sue.


I really liked the square shape that Kay went for but have it on good authority that she has since changed it.


Nicki’s little pot was delightful.


Jane turned up despite feeling very under the weather and made this lovely little pot. Both Jane and Kay added silk to their pots which’ll help them shine when they dry out.


I just love the fiery colours and exuberance of Jane’s second pot.


Nicki created her second pot to reflect the colours of the woodland she can see from her kitchen window. Very successful.


Kay’s pot had a strong retro feel and was made in my favourite shade of blue.


Sue’s second pot matches the colours of her kitchen rug and this ridged shape is so good.


It was a real pleasure to teach this group and thanks for the flowers Kay, they’re just beginning to bloom and make me smile each time I see them.

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