WonderWool Wales

We’ve spent the last month preparing for this show and it was a very good show. Not least because we get to meet so many customers whom we’ve only ever spoken to by phone and I got to catch up with quite a few of my feltmaker friends.

It’s always too busy to demonstrate on the saturday but I tried to squeeze in a session on Sunday morning only to discover that my liquid soap, of which there wasn’t much, had turned to gel in the cold and couldn’t be coaxed out of the bottle. I rubbed and shook the bottle which only served to turn the gel white but did nothing to loosen it.

Eventually I located some hot water and managed to transfer a lump into my felting bottle. I began demonstrating and answering questions thinking “I must have put a lot of water on that piece” but when the towel became very saturated with water I realised the bottle had sprung a leak and I was out of water. It just wasn’t meant to be.

I was very good and bought hardly anything if you don’t count the two fleeces! It was impossible to resist these buttons.


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