Flower workshop

This was the most wonderful workshop due entirely to the wonderful people who came along to it. We had a ball and Heather graciously didn’t take offence when I called her wet! Serious amounts of laughter and some fabulous bright flowers made.


Brown and blue by Heather, orange by Jeni and pink by Sue. Heather’s really came alive when she added the contrasting stamens and all the the little spiky bits are to die for..


This time we began with pre-felt to make these pretty layered little flowers. Yellow by Sue, purple by Jeni and Green by Heather.


We used a resist to create these stunning 2 layered flowers and the stems are wired. Pink by Jeni, red/yellow by Sue and pink/white by Heather. Jeni has been busy beading her flowers so I just had to show you this.


I love the exuberance of of all those beads. Now I really must get off and book up some workshops for Autumn that way I get to work with more lovely workshop visitors.

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