Salt and pepper dyed nuno scarf

A sudden urge to make a nuno scarf  overwhelmed me last week and I happily gave in to the urge delving into cupbaords to find a suitable piece of fabric. My main problem was my recent de-stash of Merino, I didn’t have the colours I needed for most of the fabrics I found and wanted to use! Summoning my patience I delved deeper and found this.


A delicately dyed pink and yellow piece of silk chiffon. It’s been in the cupbaord so long I can’t remember when I dyed it but could see I used a salt and pepper method to dye it. It’s so called because after soaking the scarf, I then suspended it on a net over a bowl, sprinkled on the dyes and then poured over soda to set. I found Gold and Rose Merino, my carders and my palm washboards. Ready for the off.


I carded the colours together and began laying out small rounds across the end of the scarf. I always like to have something on the ends and not just have it finish in a straight line. Pink and yellow never used to be a colour combination that I’d have used except that when my daughter was about 6 we bought her the prettiest little dress in pink and yellow and now I think it’s a wonderful combination. Not very me but very feminine and pretty.


On top of some of the circles I laid dyed BFL curls and little snips of gold dyed silk. Across the length of the scarf I laid out more little circles, some in carded yellow/pink, some in pink, some in yellow and some in red/pink. On each I placed a few short threads of gold silk.


Then it was time to work with my Palm Washboards to start those fibres migrating through the fabric. Indulgent of me to have 2  I know but when working on larger pieces I love to work with a washboard in each hand and they’re so comfortable to use. Previously I would have done my rubbing with a scrunched up plastic bag in each hand which was effective but not nearly so comfortable or so dry.



My Daughter thinks it’s turned out well and is pretty but I don’t think it’s really Hubby’s cup of tea.


I love the gold silk on the felt, the contrast is very pleasing.


If I can find the right beads I’ve a mind to do some beading on this one.

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  1. I am not a pink and yellow fan – however – this scarf makes me think again – very very pretty!

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