Metaphor 3

As in my previous post, I’ve worked from a photo of cup and ring stone markings to create a drawing from sections, painted and torn papers then I’m moving on to manipulation in Photoshop.

The crop.

slim crop

Four copies of the crop manipualted to form one new image.


The new image tiled and colour added.


I’ve not put nearly so much colour on this but I thought the colours worked so well together that I didn’t want to do more. Shall we repeat the exercise?

The crop.

odd crop

Four copies of the crop manipualted to form one new image.


The new image tiled.


Colour added.


I don’t think this is quite so successful colourwise but it never ceases to amaze me how far it travels from the original inspiration.

Whilst playing around I also created this, unintentionally I may add.

odd & slim

Amazingly, I do know what I did and can recreate it. It’s an overlay of one tiled image on another creating an even more complex pattern. Rather lovely isn’t it?

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  1. I’m really enjoying your Metaphor journey Angela….the transfrmation from ancient earthy patterns to coloured tiled images is amazing – using modern technology to create new patterns from old is fascinating…..looking forward to the next stage…
    Ali x

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