In the back of a dark cupboard at the bottom of a box I discovered a 100g of Mohair fibre from Adelaide Walker which I’d squirreled away for some future use. Never been quite clear what use that was however, I decided this was it’s time in the light.

A spinning wheel is a lovely machine to work with but I’m very fond of my drop spindle as it’s so easy to take with you and pick up and put down at a moments notice. I decided to have a go with the mohair on my drop spindle. It wasn’t a pretty sight at first, thick thin and lumpy but I gradually improved until I was spinning quite reasonable yarn with it.


Yardage wise there isn’t a lot of yarn and I don’t know precisely how much as I don’t own a niddy noddy and haven’t measured it. In future I will know as I have ordered a niddy noddy. I don’t want to use this yarn for anything wearable and haven’t a clue what to do with it. Suggestions?,

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