North Ronaldsay

I’ve worked with North Ronaldsay fleece in the past and I really liked the mixed greys. It made up into quite a nice cushion which admittedly did shed the odd fibre but was beautiful. My memory being what it is, intermittent, I can’t remember if I bought the carded sliver of North Ronaldsay wool last year or the year before at Woolfest.

Carded sliver is easy to work with and this one had quite a bit of lanolin left in. I did make a note book cover with it but wasn’t pleased with the wool. It had a lot of tiny bits in it and was much more beige than the lovely grey fleece I had previously. The remainder was stuffed in a cupbaord and forgotten.

Last month I rescued it from the cupboard and used it to practice my long draw spinning. It spun up quite easily and I tried not to let it get too fine as I wanted a chunkier yarn after plying than I usually seem to manage.Yarn spun, I began to crochet a square basket using treble stitch.


As I came up the sides I decreased slightly to try and stop it bagging out too much. I know this looks very sloppy but it was always my intention to throw it in the washing machine to full it down.


The top photo is a truer colour but never mind that, you can see that the washing machine has done it’s work and it looks quite basket like. Unfortunately the sides aren’t supporting themselves very well and I wanted to use this to pop samples in at work. A basket with collapsing sides isn’t very useful. Most distressing though is the state of my towels. I washed the basket in with my towels and they’ve come out covered in fluff which I will try and beat off as soon as they’re dry.


The corners have been pinched in with some obvious knotting (well, it adds to the texture) and are less prone to collapse. A further session in the washing machine might improve it more but I’m not sure I like it enough to subject my towels to it again. Thoughts?  Might try fulling it by hand with some boiling water but not sure if it’s worth the time.

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  1. I would stitch on the seams too, on the outside.
    As for your towels, to get rid of the fluff, put them through the tumble dryer; works every time 🙂

  2. Thanks Elaine. Fluff is now off the towels. Once they were dry I hung them on the line and beat them with a tennis racket – quite effective really and a good workout for me.

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