Skirt remodelling part 2 – Decisions

I’m considering entering my skirt (finished!!!) into the Ilkley Flower Show under the category ‘something new from something old’ but my skirt will still be a skirt. Opinions so far seem to be that it would meet the category requirement – do you agree?  The reason I’m considering entering is that the show takes place next month which will force me to finish the skirt, otherwise I fear there’s a very real danger of it being hiddeen in a cupboard and forgotten about.


I like the texture I’ve achieved on the felted sections but the weight of those is pulling the non felted section out of shape. The central triangle won’t hang down and, as expected, the join is ruched where one section is felted and the other not.


So I have 3 options unless anyone can come up with more for me. First – stitch some pleats into the triangle to hold it in place and give it fullness at the back. I don’t think this will look that pretty and then that section will be markedly different in length to the rest – see below.


Option two is to use two of the triangular pieces which I’ve already removed to create extra thickness in this area. It looks okay and if I stagger the lengths it will also give me frills. The contrast between felted and not is nice.


Or my third option is to cut out the central back triangle and just stitch it straight up, which makes it more structured looking. It needs darts for shaping and a wasitband but you get the idea.


Part of me wants the straight wrap around and part wants the layered frill section in the back. There is a difference in material weights and I don’t know if it will behave or feel odd on, perhaps those of you with more experience can help me here. I do know that there is a slight risk that unless handled carefully during washing the felted sections could shrink a little more which would affect the back again. Think I’m talking myself into a straight wrap around but I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Well, depends. Will you be wearing it afterwards? Then you need to make it how you would want to wear it. If you are making it as a ‘show item’ them make it as gorgeous as you can, embellish and frill to your hearts content! Either way, I know you will do a brilliant job on it 🙂

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