Skirt remodelling part 4

I bet you were beginning to think I’d never finish this project and I do have to own up to an amount of dithering. Happily it’ is finished. This is a long post with a lot of pictures so grab a drink then relax as I take you through the journey It began life like this.


Then it looked like this.


Ugh! I really didn’t like that. After deciding to turn it into a bag I straightened the edges.


I also decided to add some detail on top of the fabric through needle felting.


And a pocket on the inside. The fabric is flipped the other way so that there’s a contrast and the pocket stands out.


I stitched the side and bottom seams with a few tack stitches then it was ready to be felted together.


Once felted I removed the stitches and dried the bag with the top folded over giving a lovely contrast collar. I did felt a strip of fabric to form a handle but once finished I just felt it was too lightweight for the bag and had to rethink that one. A trip to the charity shops found me this belt which is just perfect isn’t it. Just look at the colour of those beads!


I used some rusty washers from a jar that I rescued from my father-in-laws’ garage some years ago and they’re stitched on with rug wool which I rescued from a skip and dyed up.


After punching an extra hole in the end of the belt I attached it using more rug wool. I’m not entirely sure I like this but I wanted to use only recycled items. If it doesn’t work out I may buy a couple of brass rings later.


After further searching through the jar I found a few more washers and a metal tube (no idea what that was for) which I used to make a fastening.


More of the rug wool used to make a linked chain.


It goes across the bag and the cylinder is used as a toggle fastening.


Do you like it?


I’m pleased the fastening works so well.


It’s a nice long strap and you can see the pattern well on the bag. One of my favourite decorations.


So pleased with it.


The only ‘new’ item in this bag is the wool I used in the felting. I’m entering this into the Ilkley Flower Show tomorrow in the something new from something old category. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how I get on but most of all I’m looking forward to using this bag. I even made it deep enough to take my knitting needles!

6 Replies to “Skirt remodelling part 4”

  1. Wow – what a transformation! All for the better I must admit 🙂 fingers crossed for the Flower Show but I am sure that you don’t need any luck with that gorgeous bag x

  2. Wow what an amazing transformation – love your stunning bag Angela
    Your re-used details are fabulous – the cylinder toggle is ingenious!
    The charity shop belt was a brill find – obviously meant to be!
    Hope you have lots of positive comments – from the judges at the flower show – and all the people who will admire it as you use it!
    Ali x

  3. Absolutely magnificent! I hate wasting clothes which I KNOW can be put to good use- this has given me inspiration. Good Luck at Ilkley (would be surprised if you needed any – it’s a winner in my book!)

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