Hidden texture workshop

I couldn’t have been more pleased with how this workshop went. A lovely group of ladies and the work! – just see for yourself.


You can very clearly see the depth of texture achieved in this bag by Janice. This was the very first piece of felt she’d made and to tackle, 3D, texture and carding skills in her first time was brilliant. And she smiled thoughout


Deborah kept her design simple but very striking, the sinuous curves are lovely. Each bag has an internal pocket followed by 2 layers of wool then the design work as we laid out the texture which would be hidden by 2 further layers of carded wool.


I’m so disappointed that I don’t have a better photo of Jenis’  bag to show you but the black proved a little harder to photograph and the group was about to leave at this point. There are several horizontal layers of lines and raised mounds which were very effective. Instead of a long handle  Jeni cut a hand hold in at the end of felting. Mulberry silk fibres were also incorporated into the felt but they don’t show up in photos as the bag was still wet. Bet it looks even better now


Sue was ambitious with her design and there was a point when I thought she’d be finishing it at home but it was completed in the time we had. It has quite a celtic feel about it, I wonder if it’s the colour  contributing to that?  This is the only bag without a handle as Sue was considering using a metal chained handle as a contrast to the wool.


I have more workshops coming up and am looking forward to the lacy cobweb felt scarf workshop a week on Sunday 5th october. It’s at the festival Hall in Gisburn which is a lovely light space to work in. I hope to see some of you there.

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  1. Really enjoying all your felty hidden texture bags Angela…those you have made and enabled! Fab range of colours and knobbly textures!
    Ali x

  2. Thanks Ali, they’ve been fun to do. I’ve always liked texture and these have the benefit of being safe from getting knocked or pulled off 🙂

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