We had a birthday in the house this week, our daughter Charlotte is now seventeen.  I always bake a cake for her birthday and it’s always a surprise which she loves as she says it’s like another present. This year I was inspired by the pastel chunky knit sweaters, snoods etc. that are in the shops and which are beloved by her.


I’ve never used fondant icing before so first things first was to go and look up what on earth I was supposed to do with it. Buttercream icing was mentioned for filling in the gap between layers on the side and for across the top to help stick the icing on. Easy I’ve made bettercream icing before. It’s always a bit stiff though and has pulled the cake apart in the past but my source said to us a little milk to help loosen the mix if that was the case. Do you know I did and it worked. Or at least I did after I’d first added water because I’d forgotten what I was doing.


It didn’t say how to stick on the other icing decorations and I hoped that pressing harder would work and it did until I came to the final decorations.


I couldn’t get the little pearl balls to stick on and they were rolling and bouncing all over. Fettled it in the end though, brushed those areas with a little water and it worked a treat.  Not sure it looks like chunky knit but I’m very pleased with the texture and how it turned out plus, best of all, she loved it. And yes, it’s not your eye,s it is lopsided but it still tasted good.

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