I might have

I might, just might, have brought one or two things home with me from the wool shows over the last few weeks. Want to see them?

This came back with me from the Rheged Knit & Stitch Show. It’s called a Spurtzleur and is made by Jon of Natural Born Dyers. The shaping was irresistible and it’s a tool for spinning. Very easy to use.


These came back with me from Yarndale and no, I don’t have a project in mind but I just couldn’t resist them. Who could? So pretty, so tactile! From Jack Button.


At the monent I seem to use my drop spindle more than my spinning wheel so it shouldn’t really be a great surprise that this spindle came home with me from Bakewell Wool Gathering. It’s a reasonably heavy spindle at 42.5g and came from Turned on the Cut. Considering how many shows we’ve attended I feel I’ve been rather restrained, don’t you?


Hmm, I was feeling quite smug that I hadn’t bought much but then I remembered this glorious hook that I bought at Dumfries. It’s for threading the yarn through the orifice on my spinning wheel and it was made by 18 year old Nathan who only recently took up blacksmithing. It’s wrought iron, heavy and substantial feeling plus absolutely gorgeous. I think I’d have bought this even if I hadn’t had a use for it.


That’s positively the last thing (I think).


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