In this instance I’m not referring to a pair of slip on sandals but the pair of  hand warmers I made last week. My Daughter is dating a farmer’s lad and I was very kindly given 3 fleece to play with – a Mule, a Balwen and a Zwarbles. Although I’ve had very little time to properly look them over and decide what I want to do with them I did have a little play and pulled out some of the softest part of the Mule for a wash ……


and a card …….


Wool is like an amazing cloud when it’s been carded. Even though I’d washed the fleece I could still feel the lanolin in the fleece and knew I need a little more soap when I began to felt with the fibres. As I’ve been crazy busy I wanted a small project that I could finish quickly and also to assess what I thought of the fleece as it’s the first time I’ve worked with this particular breed. I chose wrist warmers …….


Now here I have to admit that I’m not sure which fleece I’ve used to decorate the edges as I dashed out to the garage in the dark and grabbed a handful of coloured wool. Not even sure which sack I took it from but once I get the fleeces out of the bags I’m sure I’ll be able to tell. I hope.


The finished wrist warmers worked out well. They’re very warm. Unfortunately I can’t wear them against my sensitive skin but perhaps I should gift them back to the farmer as a thank you for the fleece. What do you reckon?



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