First chance I’ve had to show you what people made at last weeks workshop. Fisrt up, a magnificent specimen by Tracey. This was the largest pot made on the day and the colours were wonderful and really sang in the sun. The crystal organze used twinkled in the sun too.


This little pot is actually the second piece of felt ever made by Abi. I liked the warm colours together and the fabric used for decoration was a heavy woollen one which worked well.


Anne made this monochrome pot with her daughter in mind and used a couple of different synthetic fabrics which gave the larger textures she was looking for. This too twinkled in the sun.


Below is the first ever piece of felt made by Abi. In the words of Bruce Forsyth “Didn’t she do well”. A great colour combination.


Anne also made two pots but instead of hand modelling the shape as with all the others, this is formed around a small vase and so can actually be used for fresh flowers.


I’ve been promised a better photo when it dries.  Here’s a group shot to leave you with.


All together now – Didn’t they do well!


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