Here’s two I made earlier

These two wreaths were made as samples for the workshop held earlier in the month. I prefer to base my wreaths on polystyrene half rings which give a good solid base andf once covered with wool, sectionss can be left bare if desired and still look good. They also have the benefit of being able to pin your felt into place prior to glueing them on.


This first wreath is based on the fab fiery colours we see in Autumn. Carded Merino is wrapped around the ring and then felted into place.


Needle felted acrons in real acorn caps are attached along with, beech nut shells and pine cones.


Various leaf shapes were cut from the golden felt, positioned with pins and once I was happy with the design they were glued in place. A mustard ribbon provides the hanging meachanism. My second wreath is based on woodland colours.


Using various remnants of felt from my stash I used just one leaf shape throughout. The leaves on the right are cut from a felt which had been stitched and where possible I attempted to get the stitching running down the centre of the leaf like a vein.


Found objects like horse chestnuts, beech shells and pine cones give a lovely contrast to the felt.


Instead of ribbon to hang this one I used the cord from the skirt that I turned into a bag earlier in the year (post here) and the remainder of the cord has been used up in the wreath workshop. It really pleases me that every little bit is reused. Making these wreaths gives me so much enjoyment that I may just have to do a spring one next.

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