Happy, happy, happy!

The shows are over, I’ve recovered from a bad cold and found the energy to sort my work room out. Really sort it out. Every cupboard and draw has been emptied, sorted, re-ordered and put neatly away. Textile recycling, the compost, the bin and a charity shop have been the lucky recipients of my cast offs. What a wonderful feeling to walk in the room and see it looking so tidy.

I’d also wanted to paint some cupboards, oneΒ  that was originally painted over 15 years ago but which I’ve tired of and longed to find the energy/cash to repaint.


It’s a heavy substantial sideboard which was dark brown and well past it’s best when we bought it. The orange paint suited the room 15 years ago but not now. I wanted something lighter.



This is doing it for me, the room looks lighter and bigger. Originally I painted the handles too but it looked a bit blank so changed my mind and stripped them instead. The whole thing was done in chalk paint (no sanding, yippee) and waxed to protect the finish.Β  Looks so good I had to paint a small bookcase too and this orange pine cupboard.



This cupbaord stores paint, paper and various other craft items belonging to my Daughter. It really is a work room as it often doubles as study, art room, studio and den for said Daughter and friends. Do you think the doors look a little blank? I did so looked around for handles. Being a good Yorkshire girl I didn’t want to buy anything and eventually found some driftwood in the garage that I’ve been saving for some time and for just such an occasion.



Due to the wiggle of the long handle it stands away from the door and you can hold it easily but the short one needed to be built out and rusty washers from my special jar (inherited from father-in-law) came to the rescue yet again. We already had some screws so that’s it job done, new handles and not a penny spent. Hubby isn’t keen on the handles but I love them and especially the fact that they don’t match. What a pleasant room the workroom now is. It seems ridiculous to be so happy about a clearout and a quick lick of paint but I confess it’s made me very very happy.

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