It made my week!

Sometimes I just feel so lucky. Last week I received such a lovely email from a felter, Amy Driver, who has been following my blog, here’s what Amy had to say

“I’ve been enjoying your blog since I came upon it browsing on the web. One of these days I’ll get round to coming on one of your workshops. I’ve been felting when I get the chance for a few years.

I’m emailing to thank you for inspiration. I made a gift for my brother & his wife at the weekend, which was inspired by a recent post, and I’m really pleased with it. I’ve just got to decide how to frame/hang it now. They have 3 children, hence the 5 birds. I used some silk fibres too, which don’t really show in the photo, but add to the texture. Thanks again”

I know you’ll want to see it so here by kind permission of Amy is the wallhanging.



It’s a great thing to have made for her brother and Amy has such movement in the work that it’s a delight. Most of all though, I’m just chuffed to bits that Amy took the time to contact me, it’s such a nice thing to have done.To know that my work and wafflings have inspired someone is just so wonderful, thanks Amy!  I just danced my way through Friday’s workshop and I’m still smiling now. 🙂

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  1. What a lovely piece of felt – well done Amy. I live on the Fylde coast and it reminds me of the lovely seascapes we get with a setting sun in the west and the seabirds across the sky. 🙂

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