Table runner workshop

This was my second workshop held at Clifton Village Hall in Otley and I’m really liking the venue and it’s location. We had a lovely day making table runners, two of which were turned into very nice scarves. True to form I didn’t get pictures of everything but here’s the ones I did snap.


This first one is by Viv  and was her first ever piece of felt. Using one of her own photos as inspiration and mading it to size for a specific table Viv learnt a lot during the day and having gone through a period of doubt with her felt, was actually very pleased with the end result. As indeed, she should be.


I wish the photo did better justice to this one. It’s poppies in a cornfield by Thelma  and the colours just glowed, unfortunately it looks a little flat here which is a shame. Thelma used some of her own hand dyed wool in the runner and carded a lovely blue sky for the centre.


Gill had carefully thought about the runner and came armed with a photo for inspiration and her colours pre-selected. Again, this was made for a specific table and the colours chosen with the room in mind that it was to be used in. Hopefully, Gill will send us a photo when she finishes it as the intention here was always to use it as a background to stitch on. It needs no further work but I’m sure whatever Gill does it will look super.

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