Will I regret it?

Now I finally have some time to sort out the house I really want to have a good sort out of my craft room. I’ve already started painting some furniture which has been on my to do list for a long time. To paint the book shelf necessitated the removal of the books at which point I realised just how many magazines I’ve accumulated.

I never sit and browse through the magazines so I’m considering going through and cutting out and keeping every photo or article that I find inspiring / interesting and throwing the rest in recycling. Will I regret it, what do you think?

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  1. Just a suggestion – have separate box files to put your different sources of inspiration….but keep in mind that you didn’t look at them before…would you look at them next year? (tiny voice of experience, I recently threw out my ‘sorted out inspiration’ collated and filed over 15 years ago…… oops)

  2. Ha ha…I know that feeling. I discovered a load of photography magazines in a box under the spare bed that I’d been saving…just in case… (some of them were still in their wrappers and hadn’t even been looked at)….. but you know…I might need them!
    I did have a sort out and cut a lot of inspiring photos out and used the seascape ones for some recent felt work. However I suspect because many of the other fab photos weren’t on my “I might like to do this subject in the future list” I will not have cut out some of the ones I may now need…having said that I wouldn’t have known they were there in the first place. Go for it….! You won’t remember what you didn’t cut out in a few weeks time. Think of all that lovely space for more stash!! 🙂

  3. Definitely cut out what’s interesting and chuck the rest – having said that, like your other respondents, I have loads of ‘inspiring’ photos and articles which, although I occasionally look at them, I never actually use. When sorting I try (not very successfully) to apply the ‘did I know it was there?’ test. If I didn’t, it’s hard to justify keeping it. I’m very glad I resisted buying a circle cutter in Hobbycraft the other day, as I found one when tidying up. No idea how long it’s been there. . . .

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