For me – how wonderful!

Our Daughter is a little (actually not that little as she’s now 1/4 inch taller than me) gem. I was extremely lucky to receive these hand made gifts from her this Christmas.


The camel Christmas decoration is a really unusual idea. Charlotte bought the camel, painted it and made all the wonderful weaving that you see adorning it.


Earlier in the year I had a cull of beach glass and decided to get rid of these bottle bottoms. Charlotte snaffl;ed them with an intention of making something although she didn’t know what. By Christmas, she’d found this idea and made me my own recycled beach glass tree. This and the camel will be making an appearance every year.


Not content with the tree she also made me these beach glass earings. I’ve worn them almost every day since receiving them, they’re my go to earrings. 🙂

I’m not the only person to have benefited from her creativity, her Dad received printed handkerchiefs (potatoe prints) and her friends were the lucky recipients of: a crocheted blanket, crocheted cushion cover and a number of mug cosies. Not forgetting of course that we and her Uncle received the annual calendar created using photos taken by Charlotte. I’m very proud, can you tell?

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  1. What wonderful presents to treasure Angela – a proud mum – what a talented daughter you have…must be in the genes!
    Ali x

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