Here’s three items that I made as Christmas presents.


I spun up some hand dyed Merino and plied it with oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester. The Merino had been waiting quite a while for a project so I was very happy to find a use for it and the colours were just right for the recipient.


Hand carded and spun Merino in  a mix of blues and purples with a touch of black. Designed with my friend in mind. Each yarn was only 200g in weight but enough for a small project I hope.



The friend who received this book is a very competent spinner herself so I thought a little felt might be more welcome. It’s hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester with some embroidery. I really enjoyed sewing the little flowers and playing with the colours. It’s also inspired me to get on and finish a book which has been waiting for my attention for ages but I’ll show you that when I complete it.

Finally, I wanted to share with you a present which we spotted in a shop window. It’s called Mug Cakes and it contains 40 recipes of cakes to cook in a mug in the microwave. We thought our daughter might find it fun and she absolutely loves it. It’s “cool” and now she’s baking almost daily. I like it because you mix the cake in the mug, bake it in the mug and eat it from the mug – almost zero washing up!

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