Purple poppies

Absolutely ages ago I started a notebook cover of purple poppies on a background of grey carded BFL using standard A5 sizing. What better time than the start of a new year to finish it.


Above is the view of both front and back of the notebook. I forgot to take photos during felting but the finished book is below.


It’s finished in black blanket edge stitch and embellised with french knots in the centre of the flowers.


There’s also a little fine running stitch on the black stalks, black running stitch on the black centres and some lilac running stitch on the lighter areas of the flowers.


I enjoyed making the poppies in traditional colours but if anything I think I’ve enjoyed the purple ones more. The notebook is now for sale at £28 including postage, just email me if you’d like to buy.

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  1. Gosh you have been super creative recently – nice one xx I think I am into the purple poppies too, a delightful contrast to the reds ones x

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