I seem to have done quite a lot of spinning in the last 6 months and I think that’s mainly because I’ve done most of it on a drop spindle which is extremely portable. You can just pick it up and put it down at will with no need to drag the wheel out of a corner. Don’t get me wrong, I like spinning on the wheel it’s just that I like the drop spindle even more and it takes up so little space in an overnight bag and I can spin my yarn whilst demonstrating at shows.


From left to right – hand dyed Swaledale plied with BFL,  hand dyed Jacob/Bamboo and dyed BFL. The first is destined for a friend but the seond two are for me to use. I really really love the Jacob/Bamboo and I’m hoping that I’ve managed to spin it fine enough that I’ll have sufficient for a laceweight shawl or scarf. I adore the colours of the BFL which are natural brown blended with blue, purple and a little turquoise but I have no idea what I’ll do with it. Fingerless mittens perhaps?

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  1. Beautiful. Your ply is looking extremely smooth and even – well done you. I am knitting hand spun (not by me unfortunately) BFL and it is lovely to work with, the slubs and irregularities leading to a very attractive finish. Just wish I could finish it so I could start something new! xx

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