Tree workshop 2

Working from the same simple sketch and another piece of pre-felt, I began by cutting out the curving lines of the tree.


Each curve was then outlined in purple and a mix of red fibre laid behind and needle felted all over. Small circles of yellow pre-felt were added in the crook of each bend and attached with a quick stitch in red wool.The sections of red wool that I cut from my previous piece were twisted and laid onto the trunk for additional texture.


As before, I felt the tree went too much into the background. To combat this I added some stem stitch across the twisted bits of red on the trunk and then purple stem stitch along each of the curving lines of the tree.


On each of the yellow circles I added a little trio of red french knots.


Another great set of colours.

5 Replies to “Tree workshop 2”

  1. Now this tree is quite exotic! Another beautiful piece of work and agree that the purple stitching brings it out 🙂

  2. Hi there Angela,
    I love your work! I’m not sure that I understand why you needle felt the back of the whole piece?

  3. Thanks Amy. I was following a technique by the tutor Jackie Lunn and it’s interesting in the way that it pushes background colour through to the front. If your pre=felt is soft there’s no need to needle it at all as the fibre and felt will blend together just fine but if your pre-felt is firmer then it can be a help. It’s just one of the ways of doing this and it does lead to an interesting finish so give it a try.

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