Sheep door stop

Last month I made a paper weight as a practice run for this sheep door stop. Popular advice was to give my sheep ears, don’t say I never listen to you.


Looks like a bad hair day on this side as the Cotswold fleece I used was long and wavy. Some sheep look a bit the worse for wear by the time shearing comes round and mine is no exception!


I haven’t modelled this on any particular breed, I just went with what I felt. The main reaspon for the dark legs / base is that it will be on the floor which isn’t known as the cleanest place in the house.


I had great fun doing the face. It’s weighted with stone supplied by Sue and Skye and I’m looking forward to a small flock being created at the workshop this Friday.

4 Replies to “Sheep door stop”

  1. Baaa-rilliant Angela – love the facial features – all looks very realistic!
    Ewe are very talented!
    Looking forward to seeing the flock too!
    Ali x

  2. He is absolutely beautiful- you have given him such character in his face – well done you:) or should that be ‘ewe’

  3. Just seen your door stop. He’s fabulous, I just love the long fleece and his lovely gentle look and so glad you gave him ears. I look forward to seeing the flock too!

  4. Beautiful!!
    Hi . I don¡t know if you can remember me… you did an enterview many years ago.. I think still is posted here… We both improved.. but your lovely works are full of soul as always.
    Never forgot how gratefull I am to you. you gave me wings at that moment to keep on.
    Kind regards
    Silvia – Minzoo Needle Felting.

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