Tree of life 7

It’s a little while since I showed you any of my trees, I have been doing more work but just not finding the time to blog about it. I came across this image on the internet and found it so inspiring.


The electric blue against the dark background is very striking so I set out to make my own version in felt. Pity I didn’t have any blue silk so I went into the kitchen and dyed some up for the occasion.


Some areas of the silk had purple on so these were separated out. With the blue silk I made a book cover which I’ve lost the photos of but will show you next week once I’ve had chance to take more. The blue/purple I decided to use to make a small tree picture. After laying out a background of brown BFL I used the blue areas of silk for the trunk of the tree and the purple areas for the branches. Love, love, love the way it tuned out.


You can see here that I’ve them emphasised the colours and added some texture through the addition of stitch. Simple stem stitch for the trunk and single daisy stitch for the branches. Loving it but it’d look even better with a few beads don’t you think?


Ta-dah! A few beads set it off wonderfully and it looks splendid in a white box frame from Ikea. You can see all my trees and the wonderful and varied work of Metaphor Textile Group at Farfield Mill from now until 2nd May. I’m going to pop in this Sunday so will show you more next week.

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