Slipper workshop

This was a busy and very happy workshop which was photographed! Georgia requested an opportunity to photograph a craft in action and you can see the photo she’s chosen below (Sue, that’s you).  It was a brief visit but it made the day even more interesting.

We were a mixed bunch with a few complete novices including our youngest participant, teenager Scoop. This is that awful moment when having spent ages laying out wool, rubbing and rolling you need to use the scissors.


Oh how I wish that when I was making my slippers I’d thought to do what I advised everyone else to do – use a vibrant shade of Merino inside to give it a hidden zing!  See what I mean?


I snuck this photo in whilst these slippers were still being worked on!


The bright interiors are such a lovely addition. Below is a pair which were fashioned more mule style whilst most chose to have them higher up the foot.


Here are the finished articles. Enjoy!





Thanks for posing in your soggy slippers ladies, you made a good job of them. One of the nice things is that a few have been inspired to make more pairs, either for themselves or for family members – Good Luck.


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