A local walk

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days over the last couple of weeks and I often feel I don’t get out and about enough so when I last had a lovely day and not such a busy schedule, I took myself off for a short local walk.

I’m not a fanatic of walks in the woods, prefering the open hills, but you just have to visit when our native bluebells are out. The walk began with a snicket, steps over the railway, shortcuts across open spaces, quiet back streets and a walk through the cemetery emerging onto the river bank. A quick hop across the suspension bridge later I entered the woods.


There’s always dog walkers in the woods but on this day there were lots more people wandering and photographing the flowers, plus two groups of nursery age children squealing and having fun.



I love to see funghi at any time of year and trying to spot them is something I do whenever I enter woods. The higher I climbed through the woods the quieter it became until as I reached the upper edges I realised I hadn’t seen or even heard anyone for quite some time.


It was so peaceful it was a shame I had to leave but I enjoyed my walk back down through the flowers and out to the river.


It looks so quiet and deserted yet it’s only about 300 yards from the centre of town and you can see we hadn’t had much rain. Mother Nature has well and truly taken care of that over the last few days and I doubt very much that there’d be many pebbles to see in that spot now.

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