Nuno scarves

Saturday dawned bright and clear and saw me heading off to North Yorkshire for a nuno scarf workshop with the talented Lyndsey Tyson. I’ve made lots of nuno scarves before but it’s always good to go to workshops and see how other people work, what techniques they use and garner inspiration from your fellow workshop attendees.

Here’s the two pieces I made, one a practice and the other a full length scarf.


The day was all about adding frills and for me, a little texture too.


Both of my pieces are double sided with a frill showing whichever way the fabric falls. You can see three frills on this side of the practice piece. The first is synthetic lace, the second a piece of silk and the third is a wool fringe.


I also incorporated some boucle yarn and wool nepps for texture. Having completed this tester we moved on to producing our full length scarves. before setting off I’d tried to narrow down my colour options so that I wouldn’t need to take my full stash of wool with me. Focussing on purple, green and blue allowed me to stagger out with just the one Ikea blue bag full to overflowing. Plus two carrier bags!!


As a base for the scarf I used silk chiffon which I’d hand dyed a lovely deep purple shade. The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted a frill at the bottom there that looks a little familiar? It’s some of the cotton left over from the remodelled skirt project. The second fabric was gifted by Lyndsey (thanks) and then I’ve used three types of lace for extra interest.


It all looked a little dark when wet but it lightened up cosniderably in the drying process and you can now start to see some of the dyed throwsters silk waste that I used for embellishment.


Not forgetting more nepps for texture! Do I like it? yes. Would I do anything differently? of course but that’s the fun of feltmaking, every time something different and every time more ideas for the future. If you’d like to come and make a nuno scarf of your own there’s still a couple of spaces on my workshop on 16th May – booking here.

Photos by Charlie Battersby

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